Culver City

Culver City is a city in the Westside region of Los Angeles County, neighboring such communities as Venice, Del Rey, Mar Vista, West Adams and Playa Vista. While Hollywood receives all the media attention and press, the Golden Age of Hollywood as an industry was centered in Culver City where the home of MGM Studios was located (and now Sony Pictures Studios).

Culver City is often characterized as having a small town feel with big city living. A revitalization effort that began over a decade ago transformed the city’s downtown to a pedestrian-friendly dining spot and the area around the Helms Bakery as a center for the arts and furniture shops. Today, downtown Culver City is bustling with many upscales restaurants, gastropubs and a thriving art scene.

The opening of the Expo Line in 2012 brought rail transit back to the city and an influx of population and new energy to the city. The downtowns of Los Angeles and Santa Monica are now within reach with a short 20-minute train ride. While media is still king in Culver City, there are many exciting start-ups that have headquartered in the city, bringing vibrancy and diversity to its economy and its population.

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