Life Style

COHAUS enables its members to live life fully. The space, amenities and services offered by COHAUS are intended to help members achieve balance in life, work and recreation.


Privacy and security of Private Rooms with Private Bathrooms

  • Aesthetically crafted, functional furniture
  • Thoughtful and exceptional design in creating living environments for sleep, work, relaxation and social interaction


  • Centrally located in vibrant neighborhoods with easy access to public transportation, places of interest, and local shops and restaurants
  • Hassle-free, flexible contracts for stress-free experience
  • Move-in ready spaces equipped with high-speed internet, laundry room, equipped kitchen and other amenities and services


Each site is unique. Floorplans provide balance between indoor/outdoor common areas and private personal space.

COHAUS provides the opportunity to live purposefully as an integral part of a community -- to make friends and know your neighbors; to share ideas and be inspired by others in different professional areas, arts or trades; to explore the neighborhood with like-minded and adventurous souls; to participate in organized or unplanned social activities; or to just have company when you choose.

Civic duty and community service are encouraged by COHAUS. Each household will undertake a community service project allowing participation without obligation.

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