Our in-house team of experienced architects and designers collaborate throughout the procure-design-build process to deliver high-quality craftsmanship to each of our homes — transforming a space into a place to live, work and be socially active. Because each property is unique, a cookie-cutter approach does not apply.

Each property is unique in its style and urban context but the production of each house always prioritizes two things:

1. Privacy

A conventional single family house is designed for a single family and does not accommodate multi- tenant living which requires higher level of privacy. To achieve this, the fundamental design of a house must change by rearranging the hierarchy and sequence of spaces. For example, a single family house is typically entered onto a living room (common area) which leads to the hallway (passageway) which leads to the bedrooms. You cannot access the bedrooms without going through the common area because the space is arranged linearly. COHAUS is designed to be entered onto a passageway first which then leads to both the bedrooms and the common areas more equally. As the diagram shows, the linear sequence of spaces is shifted to become radial. This design strategy is how we create greater privacy by allowing a more direct access to private space while utilizing the passageway as a buffer.

Private bathrooms are typically provided for all bedrooms. However, some houses have a few shared bathrooms, but there is no situation where a bath room is shared by more than two bedrooms.

2. Convenient access to common areas

Access to common areas is created wherever possible and additional common spaces are provided based on number of tenants and located based on grouping of private rooms. Each house is equipped with ample indoor and outdoor common spaces to lounge, eat, or just be social.